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The mission of this website, like a good tire, has two layers. One layer of our mission belongs to Portland in the Round, the local nonprofit corporation that publishes Portland Afoot. The second layer belongs to Portland Afoot itself.

[edit] Portland in the Round's mission

Portland in the Round delivers relevant local news to the people big money forgets. Living in a city is like sitting in a theater, and our mission is to give everyone a clear view of the stage.

We do so by finding the blind spots in Portland's circle of news media and building sustainable business models for independent, audience-friendly reporting from those perspectives. Our first product is called Portland Afoot.

[edit] Portland Afoot's mission

Portland Afoot encourages and enriches low-car and car-free living in and around its beloved Portland, Oregon. It does so by:

  • scrutinizing the institutions that make low-car life possible and pleasant;
  • reporting on low-car culture;
  • strengthening the bonds within Portland's low-car community;
  • empowering readers to be advocates for low-car living.

[edit] See also

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