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December 2011 bus fatality

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The December 2011 bus fatality in downtown Vancouver occurred at about 11:30 a.m. on Dec. 2, when Margaret McCluskey was struck and trapped beneath the wheels of a No. 4 C-Tran bus driven by Al Purvis. The Columbian reported that the woman had been in the crosswalk when the bus turned left from Eighth Street onto Washington Street.

In a follow-up, the newspaper noted that if the bus had been facing a green light as it turned left, McCluskey would have been crossing with a walk signal.

"Everyone on the bus was yelling at [the driver] to stop ... and than the bus hit her and we started yelling [at the driver] 'you just hit someone' and everyone got off the bus," rider Taryn Park told correspondent Marcus Griffith.

"A witness said he was turning into a bright wintry sun," The Columbian said.

The Vancouver police's traffic unit was continuing the investigation, the paper said.

This wiki page covers a high-profile breaking news event. It'll be updated with further details, including the victim's name, as they emerge, along with links to the best coverage from other outlets.

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