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Yellow Line

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TriMet's Yellow Line runs from the Portland Expo Center in north Portland to Portland State University by way of the Lombard Transit Center, Rose Quarter Transit Center and downtown Transit Mall.

During the line's planning, it was referred to as the Interstate MAX extension, because it ran along Interstate Avenue. The line developed out of the more ambitious South-North MAX extension plan to run MAX from Clackamas County to Vancouver, which failed after a series of TriMet ballot issues in the 1990s.

Because Yellow Line and Green Line trains often swap colors south of PSU, the two have been described as "one long line."

As of spring 2011, TriMet expects that once the Orange Line opens in 2015, trains from Milwaukie will continue past PSU and change color to yellow as they travel up the Transit Mall. The reverse will happen to southbound Yellow Line trains.

[edit] Construction costs

The 5.7-mile, 10-station Yellow Line cost $350 million ($401 million in 2010 dollars). It opened May 1, 2004.

As of 2012, the estimated cost of extending it to Vancouver as far as Clark College, across the Columbia River Crossing, would be $850 million, all of it coming from Federal Transit Administration grants.

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