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Westside Express Service

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Westside Express Service, usually known as WES, is the Portland area's first and only commuter rail line. It runs from Wilsonville to the Beaverton Transit Center and costs the same as any other TriMet ride.

TriMet's internal code for the line is 1203.


[edit] Operating cost

As of TriMet fiscal year 2010, WES cost the agency $18.55 per boarding ride to operate. Its total operating cost in TriMet fiscal year 2011, including maintenance, was $5.9 million and the total system cost (including planning and other administrative support) was $6.2 million.

[edit] Ridership

As of September 2011, the line drew 1,630 boarding rides on the average weekday. Since most of these were one leg of a two-way daily commute, the train was serving 800 to 900 people on an average weekday.

In winter 2010-2011, TriMet reported that the average ratio of WES ridership to WES seats ranged from 27 percent on three early morning runs to 44 percent on four runs in the evening rush hour.

[edit] Construciton cost

WES's 5-station, 14.7-mile line opened Feb. 2, 2009. It cost $161 million, or $163 million in 2010 dollars.

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