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UCarShare is a car-sharing service owned by U-Haul that competes with Zipcar by operating a handful of vehicles in the Portland area.

Because UCarShare charges a low hourly rate plus a per-mile charge, it can be cheaper than Zipcar for people who live near its vehicles and tend to make trips of a few miles or less.

[edit] Availability and rates

In August 2010, UCarShare operated 10 cars in the Portland metro area, with three in the PSU area, one near Lewis and Clark College, one at Linfield College in McMinnville and several at other spots around Portland. All rented for $4.95 per hour plus 49 to 59 cents per mile.

For longer trips, UCarShare caps its fees at a fixed maximum hourly rate. As of August 2010, the maximum hourly rates for Portland cars were $9.25 or $9.50, slightly cheaper than or identical to the equivalent Zipcar hourly rate.

At the time, UCarShare also charged $25 per year, half of Zipcar's $50 annual rate.

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