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TriMet bond rating

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TriMet bond ratings represent the major bond rating agencies' assessment of TriMet's future financial stability. The agency's ratings at any given time are based on its most recent debt issuances.

As of October 2010, TriMet's bond ratings were:

  • From Standard & Poor's and Fitch: AAA, the best possible.
  • From Moody's: Aa2, the third from the best possible.

TriMet CFO Beth deHamel said in 2010 that based on a review of recent bond ratings, she didn't believe TriMet's unfunded OPEB obligations would lead to a rating downgrade when the agency began to borrow for the Portland-Milwaukie light rail project in 2011.

Even if they did, she said, a downgrade from AAA to AA+ would lead to "imperceptible difference in the cost" of financing the project.

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