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TriMet board of directors

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trimet board
TriMet board members at a regular meeting in September 2011. Portland Afoot photo by Natalie Baker.

TriMet's board of directors is a seven-member body appointed by Oregon's governor to set the direction and policy of TriMet and to manage its budget.

As of February 2012, the board included:

Here's a map of the TriMet board's seven districts, as proposed in 2012. (New boundaries are outlined in red, old boundaries in yellow.)


The board usually holds its primary meetings from 9 to 11:30 a.m. on the fourth Wednesday of every month, except August and December. Meetings typically take place either in the City of Portland offices at 1120 SW 5th Ave., Room C, in downtown Portland, or at the TriMet Administrative Offices at 4012 SE 17th Ave. in southeast Portland.

The board also holds briefings on the second Wednesday of most months, during which TriMet staff update board members about the agency's activities. Briefings typically do not include votes or public testimony.

Times, location and agenda are typically posted on the agency's website the week before each meeting.

Influence exercised by email

Although six of the board's seven members almost never cast dissenting votes -- the exception is Lynn Lehrbach -- President Rick Van Beveren said in June 2011 that board members shape the agency's policy outside of meetings.

"Each board member is independent and makes their own decisions and has a great deal of input prior to consideration of these things," Van Beveren said in response to a question by Al Margulies. "We're not rubber-stamping what management does. We're independent of management. We give input. A lot of the things you see when these things are modified are really the result of board member input prior to consideration."

After the meeting, Van Beveren added that though he couldn't speak for all board members, most of his own input happens via e-mail. Before and after every meeting, van Beveren said, he exchanges emails with General Manager Neil McFarlane discussing issues surrounding the agenda and testimony at the meeting. Other board members also receive their emails, Van Beveren said.

Van Beveren said he was proud of this routine, which he said was not in place before his time.

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