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Steve Gutmann

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steve gutmann
Steve Gutmann in March 2011

Steve Gutmann is a Portland-based active transportation advocate working, as of October 2011, as a consultant for the Portland Sustainability Institute and as director of business development for the personal carsharing firm Getaround. A dedicated bicyclist, he was car-free until the birth of his second child.

Gutmann was interviewed for Portland Afoot's Street Talk department in September 2011.

[edit] Career

Gutmann previously worked as the national sales manager for Flexcar, soon after Dave Brook sold Car Sharing Portland to the Seattle-based company. He had been one of the first 30 members of Carsharing Portland.

[edit] Beliefs

[edit] Decline in automobile use

Gutmann said at a Westside Transportation Alliance meeting in March 2011 that he believes automobile ownership in the United States is on a long-term downswing.

"Even before the current recession, automotive sales in the US peaked and started to decline," he said. "It's basically driven by young people who prefer spending time on their smartphones than they do sitting behind a wheel."

"I think that trend is going to accelerate," Gutmann predicted.

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