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Portland Afoot is several things:

Have you read about our mission? There's a mission.


[edit] Our team

When we started in early 2010, Portland Afoot was basically just Michael and the board of smart folks he'd convinced to give him advice. But we're bigger than that now, and it's pretty great.

Did we mention that very few of us seem to own a car? Go figure.

[edit] Michael, editor and janitor

Michael Andersen is interested in almost everything, which is most of his reasoning for having been a journalist for the last 10 years or so in newspapers, television and the web. He's especially passionate about media equity: making sure everybody who wants to be informed can get that way.

These days he spends about three days a week creating most of the content at Portland Afoot (also: balancing the books, folding the paper, running the vacuum). Reach him at or 503-928-0444. (Photo by Will Vanlue.)

[edit] Joshua, outreach wizard

Joshua Force is a serial believer. He's got a million projects, loves them all and wants to tell you why. A specialist in sales and direct outreach, he's spent much of the last decade as a professional canvasser, organizer and political operative, trying to keep our environment and society strong and fair and healthy.

Josh is Portland Afoot's motivator in chief and comes up with ways to get our work in more hearts, minds and hands. Reach him at

[edit] Lily, podcast producer

Lillian Karabaic is approximately three parts thinker and five parts doer, most of it involving car-free transportation in some way or another. A co-founder of numerous bike things in Cincinnati, OH, she moved to Portland by way of Eugene in 2007 to work for the Bicycle Transportation Alliance and (it turned out) for a whole array of other fun bike-related stuff, like the World Naked Bike Ride, Cycle Wild and Breakfast on the Bridges. Right now she studies economics at Reed College.

Lily produces and co-hosts Portland Afoot's monthly commuting podcast and sometimes convinces Michael to clean the office. Contact her at

[edit] Jonathan Maus, BikePortland publisher

It's hard to say which Jonathan loves more: bikes or Portland. Fortunately, he's never quite had to choose. As the publisher since 2005 of, the parent brand of Portland Afoot, Jonathan has built one of the country's most respected sources of local bike news.

Portland Afoot is now part of the same operation, and we're gradually finding ways that these two news organizations and missions can inform and inspire low-car life together.

[edit] Lenny, Charley, Cora, Carrie, Brian and Chris, directors

The six terrific volunteers who govern Portland in the Round (that's the 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that publishes Portland Afoot) steer our organization with their wisdom, expertise and knowledge of the community and the subject of low-car life.

You can read about them each on our board of directors page, or you can meet them by sitting in on one of our quarterly board meetings. Contact board chair Cora Potter at

[edit] Other contributors

We've been proud and lucky to have a great team of other contributors for various projects, including photographer Michael Schoenholtz, commuting expert Alexis Grant, localist extraordinaire Aaron Brown, transportation planner Zef Wagner and local journalists like Natalie Baker, Thacher Schmid, Bill Lascher, Zachary Kafuman and Rebecca Robinson.

Want to contribute in some way? Let's talk! Drop Michael a line at

[edit] How we fit in

You might have seen Portland Afoot's work discussed or linked in The Oregonian, the Mercury, KGW, KOIN, Oregon Public Broadcasting, Willamette Week, Sunset Magazine, Sustainable Business Oregon, BikePortland or the Portland Business Journal, which called us part of "Portland’s most fertile new media period since the Portland Mercury and Portland Tribune appeared."

However you caught our drift, we're part of the new generation of topical local news operations that are sweeping the country as general-interest newspapers and TV decline. We hope you enjoy building a new media system as much as we do.

Want to know even more about us, like how you can help, when we started and who we bank with? We've got you covered.

[edit] How to contact us

Michael's usually the guy. Write him at or call 503-928-0444.

He can also refer you to any of our board or other team members and volunteers, though you're also free to contact them directly.

By mail: 924 NE 65th Ave., Portland OR 97213. Or hit us up with a quick mention on Twitter; we'll get back to you there.

[edit] Republishing our information

Unless noted, everything produced by Portland Afoot is republishable for free under a Creative Commons license. Basically, if you promise to give Portland Afoot credit for whatever you're using, and share the result with others too, you can do whatever you want with it, forever. Pretty good bargain, don't you think?

Did you find this page useful? Could it get better? You're meeting Portland Afoot in its toddlerhood! You can help build this free online guide to low-car life in PDX by clicking "edit" in the right sidebar and adding what you know. Or just leave your questions or ideas below. Thanks for visiting!

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