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Oregon Capitol News, formerly known as Oregon Politico, is a journalism project of the libertarian Cascade Policy Institute, launched in 2010. It specializes in reports about public employee compensation and publishes GovDocs, a set of online databases about employee salaries.

Its primary writer on transportation issues is Jacob Szeto, a former research analyst for business and economics consultancy LECG and, as of 2010, an MBA student at Portland State University.


[edit] Ethics policy

According to the site, Szeto and all OCN contributors must adhere to the SPJ Code of Ethics.

"Although Cascade tends to portray a free market perspective, the only bias held by the Oregon Capitol News’s staff is a dedication to open government and transparency," the site's "about" page says.

[edit] Criticism

Some people dispute OCN's description of itself as journalistic.

"Oregon Capitol News is not a legitimate 'news outlet,'" a anonymous commenter wrote on Portland Afoot's page about Szeto. "It is the propaganda arm of the Republican Party-supported Cascade Policy Institute."

[edit] Database released after election

Despite vocal opposition to the 2010 TriMet ballot measure by OCN's parent organization, OCN did not publish an explosive database of TriMet employee salaries data until Nov. 8, 2010, a week after the vote. OCN had received them on Aug. 4, according to the database page.

The timing was coincidental, Szeto wrote in an email to Portland Afoot: "The numbers were transferred to me well before the elections. I had not published them because I was trying to figure out what to do about the missing compensation such as OPEB and pension."

The delay supports OCN's description of itself as editorially independent from CPI.

[edit] External links

  • official website
  • GovDocs, an open-records project that includes online salary information for many state and local agencies in Oregon, as well as lobbyist activity and state expenditures

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