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You want to know more about Portland Afoot? We're happy to provide. Got a question this doesn't answer? Never hesitate to contact us directly.


[edit] Our friends

We love the folks at, Portland Transport, TriMet Diaries and Shift. They're our inspiration and our unpaid advisors, and if you're not checking them out already, do. They're essential resources for any Portlander who's into low-car life.

Our monthly magazine prints (on 100 percent post-consumer paper, of course) at the totally rad Eberhardt Press in southeast Portland and distributes via the equally rad U.S. Postal Service.

The site is hosted on a carbon-neutral Dreamhost server in Los Angeles, California.

We bank locally at Albina Community Bank. PayPal and Square handle our credit card transactions and e-Junkie runs our shopping cart and affiliate program. (Thanks to local car-free author Tammy Stroebel for introducing us to e-Junkie, by the way.)

Both the print and Web products are built on designs by the brilliant Jeremy Tolbert of Clockpunk Studios.

Portland Afoot is loosely descended from an original concept by Elisa Williams. It was subsequently shaped by invaluable advice and opinions from Rebecca Robinson, Justin Carinci, Roger Andersen, Kyanne Andersen, Isolde Raftery, Dick Ackley, Elly Blue, Jonathan Maus, Oscar Myre, Todd Kimball, Pam Marks, Alex Craghead, Dan Haneckow, Sarah Mirk, John Charles, Alan Durning, Karen Frost, Dan Christensen, Lenny Anderson, David Meyer, Heather McCarey, Dan Muzyka, Lindsey Kuper, Steph Routh, Mara Gross, Bob Chung, and everyone on Portland in the Round's board.

Portland Afoot believes in radical transparency. Though we sometimes fall behind, we try to maintain current lists of our sponsors, partners and significant donors, as well as an open-source business plan that includes our full financial records.

[edit] Reading list

If you're interested in learning more about low-car life, here's a feed of all the blogs and other information streams that Michael, Portland Afoot's editor, tries to keep up with. Most are local.

Here's our blogroll: a list of feeds from sites around the country similar to Portland Afoot, followed by a list of local feeds we follow.

[edit] How to help

You'd like to lend a hand? We're thrilled! There are lots of ways anyone can help our project.

[edit] Subscribe to our magazine

The easiest way to help is probably to subscribe to our 10-minute monthly newsmagazine, which is responsible for most of our revenue and which is, frankly, a lot of fun to get in the mail.

[edit] Improve our website

Here's the single coolest thing about Anyone can make it better at any time. You don't even have to register -- just click "edit" in the upper right and add any information you think might be useful, possibly to one of our popular pages. Or create an account for yourself and start creating new pages, especially ones on our wishlist. Or just add some new ideas to our wishlist, and someone else will get to them eventually.


All our products are partially supported by our delightful advertisers. Learn more here.

[edit] Help us distribute our magazine

We're always looking for distribution partnerships with organizations that share our support for low-car life. It usually works like this: We draft an email for you to send to your employees, members or other fans, offering a chance to sign up for a free subscriptions. Then your employees sign up if they want. If your organization is located in or around the Free Rail Zone, there's no charge to you, either; we support this distribution through ad sales.

If you'd like to help make Portland's low-car community stronger by helping distribute our newsmagazine, contact Michael at

[edit] Spread the word

Finally, here's the number-one best thing you can do to help us succeed: tell people about us.

To keep our products affordable to anyone, we have a very small marketing budget. This means we rely on people who believe in our mission to get the word out. With our affiliate program, you can even make a few bucks for yourself or your organization -- visit for details.

Almost all of us knows someone who gets around Portland without a car sometimes. We're obsessed with finding ways to be useful to that person. So let them know Portland Afoot is here, and that it's fighting their corner.

Did you find this page useful? Could it get better? You're meeting Portland Afoot in its toddlerhood! You can help build this free online guide to low-car life in PDX by clicking "edit" in the right sidebar and adding what you know. Or just leave your questions or ideas below. Thanks for visiting!

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