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Lake Oswego streetcar extension

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The proposed Lake Oswego streetcar extension would run south from the South Waterfront through Johns Landing, near a future river crossing over a replaced Sellwood Bridge and into downtown Lake Oswego.

[edit] Right of way already owned by Portland

Many of the construction costs would come from use of an existing 6.3 mile trolley track along the west bank of the Willamette River, purchased by the City of Portland in the late 1980s for $2 million.

When the corridor was purchased, the buyer signed agreements with property owners along the line that it could only be used for rail transportation. As a result, using the corridor for bus rapid transit or some other mode would require individual deals with every current property owner.

[edit] Votes from local governments

In April 2011, the plan was approved 4-3 by the Lake Oswego City Council, the pushed forward 4-1 by the Portland City Council.

[edit] Operating budget uncertain

As of April 2011, it was not clear how the operation of the streetcar could be paid for. TriMet, which partially funds the existing Portland Streetcar, said at the time that it could not afford the estimated $1.25 million in annual operating costs.

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