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Portland Streetcar CL Line

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eastside loop map
The streetcar loops on both shores of the Willamette in central Portland. The CL line is in blue.

The Portland Streecar CL Line, or Central Loop Line, is a streetcar route that includes a downtown loop between Portland State University and the south edge of the Pearl District as well as a 3.3-mile line of the Portland Streetcar on the east side of the Willamette River, running across the Broadway Bridge to the Lloyd District, then in a couplet south along Martin Luther King Boulevard and Grand Avenue to OMSI. It's sometimes called the eastside loop because by 2015, it's expected to connect to the South Waterfront over the new Willamette River Bridge.

The city aims to use it as a tool to transform Portland's central eastside into a denser, more walkable and more heavily residential area.

The name "Central Loop" and "CL" abbreviation refer to a similar line in the city's streetcar network of the early 20th century.

[edit] Construction budget and planned service

As of 2009, the streetcar extension project was expected to cost $127 million, $75 million of which came from a federal Small Starts grant announced in person by then-Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood on a visit to Portland.

Oregon Ironworks, Inc., based in Clackamas, manufactured several new streetcars to run on the line. (Federal grant requirements forbade the city from buying the streetcars from a foreign manufacturer.)

At the time, the eastside streetcar was expected to run every 12 minutes during weekday peak periods and carry approximately 8,700 passengers daily, or 1.6 million annually. That'd be a 40 percent ridership increase compared to 2011 streetcar boardings on the westside loop.

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