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Downtown Portland

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downtown Portland as defined by the city

Downtown Portland is the soul and pride of the city. It also happens to be home to many of the Portland employers that subsidize TriMet passes and the most popular place in town to live without a car. According to Census surveys from 2005 to 2009, about 75 percent of workers who live downtown are car-free.

Part of the reason it's so nice is that the Portland Bureau of Transportation sometimes spends more than four times more per user on downtown than on any other part of the city.


[edit] Riding bicycles downtown

The neighborhood has been given many sets of boundaries, but one of the best is the shape drawn by the City of Portland defining where bicycles are banned from the sidewalk.

According to Portland city code 16.70.320, as documented by Ray Thomas in Pedal Power: A Legal Guide for Oregon Bicyclists, bicycling is generally not allowed on sidewalks between or including SW Jefferson Street, Front Avenue, NW Hoyt Street and 13th Avenue.

This means it's OK to ride your bike on the sidewalks around Portland State University and Amtrak's Union Station.

[edit] How fast to ride or drive through downtown

Unlike signals elsewhere in town, downtown Portland's traffic lights are optimized for vehicles traveling at 12.5 miles per hour. This makes downtown an excellent place for eco-driving, which minimizes fuel use.

[edit] Relative economic prosperity

As of the second quarter of 2011, even as the country struggled with a jobless recovery that had been especially hard on Portland, downtown Portland's central business district had the lowest office vacancy rate of 27 major U.S. metropolitan areas, according to California-based real estate firm Grubb & Ellis.

[edit] What it looks like

At the corner of Pioneer Courthouse Square:

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