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A crosswalk is a part of the street where vehicles (bicycles as well as motor vehicles) have to stop for pedestrians who want to cross.

According to the Portland Bureau of Transportation, about half of all pedestrian injuries in the city occur in crosswalks, usually because a driver failed to yield to a pedestrian.


[edit] Every corner is a crosswalk

Crosswalks on street corners do not have to be marked with paint. According to ORS 801.220, every street corner counts as an unmarked crosswalk, meaning that as soon as a pedestrian steps into the street at a corner, all vehicles must yield.

[edit] Drivers must give pedestrians one lane of clearance

Under ORS 811.028, a vehicle must remain stopped at a crosswalk or signal until a pedestrian has left:

  • its lane or the lane into which it is turning, and
  • if there is no pedestrian signal, any adjacent lane.

If the vehicle is turning into a lane with a pedestrian signal, it must wait until the pedestrian has moved at least six feet away from its new lane.

This extra clearance is not required if the pedestrian is on the other side of a traffic safety island in the street.

[edit] Pedestrians must use crosswalks on most city blocks

Inside the City of Portland, pedestrians are required to cross the street at a crosswalk if there is one within 150 feet.

If the nearest crosswalk is further away, pedestrians may cross the street but have to stop for vehicles in the street.

[edit] Pedestrians may not walk straight into traffic

Despite the crosswalk laws, under ORS 814.040, a pedestrian forfeits the right of way and commits a Class D traffic violation if he or she "suddenly leaves a curb or other place of safety and moves into the path of a vehicle that is so close as to constitute an immediate hazard."

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