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C-Tran board of directors

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The C-Tran board of directors sets policy and direction for the mass transit agency in Vancouver and other urban areas of Clark County, Washington.

It consists of nine members:

Unlike the TriMet board of directors, C-Tran's leaders are elected, but they are elected to head other agencies (the ccunty and its cities).

[edit] Meetings and duties

The board of directors typically meets at 5:30 p.m. on the second Tuesday of each month in the C-Tran administrative offices, 2425 NE 65th Avenue, Vancouver.

The board oversees the work of the C-Tran executive director, including approval of rate hikes, service changes and major budgetary decisions.

[edit] How to contact the board

As of December 2010, the best way to reach the board on matters of C-Tran policy is through its clerk, Debbie Jermann.

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