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Bruce Hansen

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Bruce Hansen
Bruce Hansen in May 2012

Bruce Hansen is, as of July 2012, president of Amalgamated Transit Union Local 757, the labor union that represents rank-and-file workers at TriMet and more than 20 other public agencies in Oregon and Washington. He was elected in 2012 in a 53 percent to 43 percent victory over former union president Ron Heintzman.

Hansen, a longtime TriMet bus operator and TriMet's operator of the year in 2007, had previously served as an executive officer in the local union and run unsuccessfully for president in 2009 against Jonathan Hunt, an ally of Heintzman.

Aside from Wally Feist, a TriMet operator who served briefly as president in 2000 before his defeat of Heintzman was reversed by a procedural challenge and rematch, Hansen is the first ATU 757 president since 1988 elected outside the power structure created by Heintzman. In an interview with Portland Afoot published prior to his election, Hansen promised more openness in governance of the union and more frequent contact with the press and with union members to tell the union's side of the story in its disputes with TriMet.

In another interview the night of his election, Hansen also promised not to give TriMet "one bloody nickel" in reduced pay or benefits without a more complete documentation of the agency's financial problems.

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