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TriMet's Blue Line is Portland's oldest MAX light rail line and the first federally funded light rail project in the United States. It runs from Gresham to Hillsboro by way of Gateway Transit Center, Lloyd Center, Rose Quarter Transit Center, downtown Portland, the Oregon Zoo, Beaverton Transit Center and Sunset Transit Center.

The line that was first called the Banfield light rail line broke ground on March 26, 1982, and opened on Sept. 5, 1986, a 15-mile connection between Gresham and downtown Portland. The line was renamed "MAX" after a public contest won by Jeff Frane, a local typography designer.


[edit] Service changes

Like other MAX lines, the Blue Line's hours were reduced during the 2010 TriMet cuts. One year later, TriMet restored some evening rush hour service.

[edit] Construction costs

The original 15-mile, 30-station eastside line cost $214 million, or $420 million in 2010 dollars. The 18-mile, 32-station westside extension cost $963 million when it opened in 1998, or $1,282,000 in 2010 dollars.

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