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Bicycling from Vancouver to Portland

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Bicycling from Vancouver, Washington to Portland or back is a little complicated, but not hard to get the hang of.

[edit] Across the I-5 bridge

Riding the narrow and little-used sidewalk along the Interstate Bridge is not the hard part. The hard parts are:

  • Finding the path to get on the bridge (it's off Columbia Street just south of the decorated railroad overpass)
  • Navigating Hayden Island (follow the signs beneath I-5 and along the sidewalk past Safeway and Hooters)
  • Navigating the cloverleaf south of the Columbia Slough (from Vancouver to the Expo Center MAX station, turn left, then right; from Vancouver to the Delta Park MAX station, turn left, then left)

As of July 2010, Google Maps bicycle directions seem to be safe and accurate. To get a sense of what the route looks like, see this four-minute video produced by the Bike Temple. You can also follow along on this map produced by Portland Afoot.

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