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Alice B. Toeclips Award

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The annual Alice B. Toeclips awards, often called the Alice Awards and sometimes just Alice, is the Bicycle Transportation Alliance's annual recognition for bicycle transportation advocates and the group's main annual fundraiser. As of 2011, the ticketed ceremony, dinner and auction take place each April.

The first ceremony was held in 1995, and the awards have been given out every year since except 1996.


[edit] Past winners

[edit] 2009

[edit] Budget

According to IRS filings on, the BTA's spending and receipts from the Alice Awards have changed over the years:

  • $43,530 in expenses in 2008, generating $103,035 in revenue
  • $39,323 in expenses in 2009, generating $103,325 in revenue
  • $64,406 in expenses in 2010, generating $181,680 in revenue

[edit] Revenue targets

In its 2011 strategic plan, the BTA set ambitious goals for Alice's future growth:

  • By 2013: $250,000 in revenue at the event, with $150,000 in net income and $75,000 in sponsorships.
  • By 2016: $400,000 in revenue, with $250,000 in net income and 100 percent of costs covered by sponsorships.
  • By 2030: $500,000 in revenue, with $350,000 in net income and 100 percent of costs paid by sponsorships.

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