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Alexis Grant

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Alexis Grant is an active transportation activist based in Portland since 2009. In spring 2011, she became the City of Wilsonville's SMART Transit intern.

[edit] Activism history

After completing the 2009 Traffic and Transportation class with a presentation to the city panel on Bike-Rail Safety in Portland, she created an Active Transportation Hot Spots Map of the Portland area that identifies "places in Portland where transit, bike, and pedestrian arrangements need improvement."

She attended the 2010 Towards Carfree Cities conference in York, England, and has participated in Active Right of Way events. She has also volunteered with the BTA and works with the Portland Bureau of Transportation as a Transportation Options Ambassador.

Grant, a graduate of Rice University, worked as a professional linguist from 2006 to 2010.

[edit] Work for Portland Afoot

In January 2011, Grant oversaw creation of Portland Afoot's TriMet app reviews page and created "On the Line: Great ideas within one block of a TriMet stop," a monthly feature in Portland Afoot's print newsmagazine.

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