What folks are saying about us

“Portland Afoot is geared to create community around the low-car lifestyle.”
Lee Van Der Voo, Sustainable Business Oregon


Zach D., subscriber“Portland Afoot is my favorite publication in the city. I read every word every month because the magazine is focused, fascinating and packed with information I don’t get anywhere else in Portland.”
Zach P., subscriber


Charlene O., subscriber“Needless to say, I love your magazine. One of the few pieces of paper mail that makes me smile when it arrives.”
Charlene O., subscriber


Dave Strom, Dave Knows Portland“Perfect for the Portland transit rider on the go.”
Dave Strom, Dave Knows Portland


Green Growth Cascadia logo“The magazine isn’t just for die-hards … but also people interested in reducing their dependence on their car.”
Green Growth Cascadia


Portland Mercury logo

“The first issue includes a project I’ve been wanting to do forever and never have!”
Sarah Mirk, Portland Mercury


Carl L., subscriber“I know you say they’re only $5 for a gift subscription but I can’t bear to pay that little for something so awesome.”
Carl L., subscriber (subscribing two friends for $10 each)

Oregonian logo“A print-web magazine dedicated to covering the area’s car-free culture.”
Joseph Rose, The Oregonian

PBJ logo“It’s Portland’s most fertile new media period since the Portland Mercury and Portland Tribune appeared.”
Andy Giegerich, Portland Business Journal

Roy Huggins MS NCC, advertiser“Portland Afoot allowed me to get what I needed from advertising without buying a lot of fluff I couldn’t use.”
Roy Huggins MS NCC, advertiser

BikePortland logoAndersen is sharp; a real professional.”
Jonathan Maus, BikePortland.org


Carla Saulter, Seattle Bus Chick“Sold! I couldn’t resist subscribing, since I’m a sucker for smart writing … You scored again, Portland.
Carla Saulter, Seattle Post-Intelligencer

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