Portland Afoot

The Case

Faire LeSquare? Never heard of her.

OK, OK. Sure I met her. Classy dame. Had a place downtown. Everybody seemed to like her. I used to see her at Saturday Market or Backspace or on the way to the ballgame. And she threw the best parties in town – never a cover charge, neither.

Can’t say I was surprised when the stories started going around about her financial trouble. Always seemed too generous for her own good if ya ask me. But when she vanished, it shook me up, ya know?

Some folks say she skipped town that September night. Others, they say she got offed.

Now, I hear tell there’s an investigation to find out. Saturday, May 4, word is, right here in Portland.  They say teams will be involved, travelling the transit system all day to gather clues. Sort of a race, I guess – with some pretty hefty rewards for the teams who do well.

I don’t know quite what to expect, but I got the feeling this won’t be something to miss.