Shockingly affordable sponsorships.

It’s a cause you believe in. It’s news and information our city needs. And it’s a totally new way to reach your customers: where they work.

Portland Afoot is (we’re pretty sure) the world’s only 10-minute newsmagazine about low-car life. It’s a nonprofit project dedicated to the news, features and events that matter to the 1 in 4 Portland households that get to work and school by transit, bike and foot.

Four pages long and distributed entirely by opt-in mail subscriptions, our beautifully designed print product is the kind of surprise we all love to find in the mail: useful, punchy, upbeat and short enough to read on a coffee break. It’s delivered once a month to paying home subscribers and people who’ve signed up to receive it at work.

Thanks to this one-of-a-kind distribution model, we can offer our sponsors high-impact ads at bargain prices, targeted to green-minded commuters in the workplaces or job neighborhoods where we’ve set up partnerships.

A journalism experiment? Of course. In an age of service cuts and rising taxes, we’re worried about a future where nobody is watching local government on behalf of ordinary commuters.

And we think the next great ideas in journalism are going to be done the Portland way: small in scale, local in leadership and big in heart.

We’d love for you to be part of it. Write Michael at for the latest rates.

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