Portland Afoot is in hibernation

I’ve been terrible about communicating this; life happens. I’m sorry.

We hired some folks to build the app. It almost worked. Not quite. Pages didn’t scroll all the way. For a little while it looked as if it might be fixable, but it would have taken money I didn’t have to fix and time I didn’t have to produce content. So I tried to be the best BikePortland news editor I could be instead.

Portland Afoot was essentially shut down as an entity in 2014; we folded the podcast into BikePortland, launched a subscriber program there and created a monthly email newsletter for subscribers that was modeled, in many ways, on Portland Afoot. We wanted to keep the option open to continue Portland Afoot in a different form, so I’ve barely touched the website, but it didn’t happen; BikePortland was the main brand so we put energy into that instead.

At some point, I updated the wiki database and PHP in the wrong order, and the wiki broke. The data still exists in the database but I’m not sure how to get it back onto the web.

A few years ago our 501(c)3 status was removed due to lack of annual reports; our state incorporation has lapsed, too. I stopped spending Portland Afoot’s money when I joined BikePortland; last October I pulled the last $18.91 out of our account at Albina Community Bank and contributed it to the most similar 501(c)3 in Portland: Portland Transport.

Last year, a month before my son was born, I left BikePortland. Maybe I’ll use this domain again. Maybe not. We’ll see. Let me know if you have any questions: mike.andersen@gmail.com. The old michael@portlandafoot.org account works too for now, but I don’t check it much.

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