Have a drink with us! Our app is ready

“Mike and Josh will walk around downtown Portland for an hour, telling everyone how great you are (we’ll need a brief bio).”

Sometimes, a lot of things happen at once.

A couple weeks before we were ready to launch our mobile app in May, we wrapped up a plan to join forces with our friends at BikePortland.org. It was a big deal, and we decided we needed to do it right — we suddenly needed a solid, revised plan for how a mobile app could fit into our indie media empire.

Two months later, we’ve got one. That’s why I’m overjoyed to (finally) invite you to have a drink with us at Backspace next week, test the first public version of our simple mobile app, and talk about how Portland Afoot and BikePortland are going to keep working together to inform low-car life in Portland.

It’s right where this campaign started, at Backspace on NW 5th and Couch, from 5 to 7 p.m. on Wednesday, July 17. Come check it out — and don’t miss the video above, in which we present the first of many Kickstarter rewards to come.

Watch this space as we roll out the rest.

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