KATU covers our columnist’s carsharing experiment

Last winter, Portland Afoot low-car lifestyle columnist Cathy Hastie conducted a grand experiment: she parked her family van for two weeks and used Zipcar and car2go for all her auto trips.

The results were so interesting (and well-documented by Cathie, complete with her total costs per mile, trip hour and day) that local ABC affiliate KATU saw them and ran a 4-minute report on the endeavor in their newscast last week, complete with cost breakdowns and (AMAZINGLY) a bobble-head version of Cathy.

The information here won’t be news to people who are already familiar with carsharing, but it’s a charming look at Cathy and her husband’s low-car thinking:


KATU’s text version of the report is here, and if you want to sign up for the $200-credit Getaround share-your-car study mentioned at the end, you can do that by registering your own vehicle for sharing via their service.

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