Our latest commuting podcast: All the best apps for low-car life

podcast guest Alexis GrantIs there actually an app for that? Probably, even when it sounds too good to be true.

In the latest edition of the Portland Afoot podcast, Lily and I invited guest expert Alexis Grant to join us for an entire show about the many mobile apps that support low-car life – apps for trip planning, fare purchasing, car sharing, taxi summoning and more.

One of our favorites doesn’t even require a smartphone.

In addition to news and opinions about great local and national apps, the show also includes:

  • Lily’s favorite TriMet-related Twitter chatter of the month.
  • Our low-car transportation tip of the month. (Yes, it’s app-related.)
  • The world’s first game of Balderapp: Each of us described dream mobile apps that would help us live better low-car lives … and then the other two tried to guess if the apps were real. Surprises ensued.

At one point in the show, I mention a list of Portland Afoot’s four favorite TriMet planning and arrival apps. Also, check out our comprehensive ranking of TriMet apps and Alexis’s guide to how to use a transit trip planner.

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Full disclosure: After this podcast taped, Lillian learned of and applied for a job opening at GlobeSherpa, one of the companies we discuss here. Lily’s one month away from completing an economics degree from Reed College, so she’s applying for lots of jobs, and this segment was planned months ago. Still, we thought it was important to disclose this new relationship. If it had existed while we were taping, we would have disclosed it at the time, too.

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