TriMet’s New Year’s message to Portland, in song form (video)

Best routine public transit agency press release ever.

The press release is a reminder to trade in your old no-foil and zoned TriMet tickets during business hours at TriMet’s Pioneer Courthouse Square ticket office by Dec. 31. After that deadline, old tickets will be worthless.

The press release is in the form of a handheld video.

The press release is sung to the tune of “Auld Lang Syne.”


The performance, we’re told, is by “the TriMet Trio.” That’s some quality harmonizing.

"Don’t Let Old Tickets Be Forgot"

Should old style tickets be forgot,
And never brought to mind?
Exchange them now, ‘cuz New Year’s Day
they won’t be worth a dime.

So spread the word far and near,
Friends and strangers too.
Don’t get stuck with zone or foil-less
tickets you can’t use.

Happy holidays, Portland. Do what the song says.

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