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Our October podcast: A low-car voter’s guide with Aaron Brown

Aaron BrownIt’s time to vote, and we’re here to tell you how.

Just kidding! Portland Afoot doesn’t endorse candidates. Instead, for our monthly commuting podcast in October, Lily and I invited contributor and low-car transportation advocate Aaron Brown to hash out the things low-car Portland commuters ought to know about the two biggest local races on Portlanders’ ballots: Charlie Hales vs. Jefferson Smith and Amanda Fritz vs. Mary Nolan.

Hales and Smith are, of course, running for mayor. Fritz and Nolan, meanwhile, are waging a race that’s been nearly ignored even though it’s nearly as important to the city, with its turf-based form of government.

Aaron interviewed all of them one-on-one during the primary to create the text version of our low-car voter guide, and he’s followed the race closely since. We get into the nuts and bolts of their campaign financiers as well as their sweeping visions, and make the best case for each candidate from a low-car perspective.

There’s been a lot of attention in this mayoral race to “character issues” – things like Smith’s attempt to cover up the fact that he’d just paid an unwelcome visit to the porch of a woman he’d once wounded, or Hales’s apparent attempt to illegally reside in two states at once.

Aaron, Lily and I all agree that character is crucial to a mayor’s effectiveness. But we also think voters have heard plenty about personalities. We wanted to talk about how the candidates actually want to change your lives. And that’s exactly what we discuss, followed by:

  • A transportation tip of the month.
  • Highlights from the recent Twitter chatter about TriMet.
  • A funny story from the bus.

Enjoy listening – and don’t forget to get your ballot delivered by Tuesday, Nov. 6.

You can follow our podcast on iTunes or by RSS, by downloading the audio file here or even sign up to get an email notification each time we upload a new episode.

Update: Corrected a link above.

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