BoltBus, launching in May, offers rides to Seattle for $7

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Update #2: This article was published in April 2012. BoltBus has since become more popular and its prices have risen somewhat.

Portland, you can now catch a bus to Seattle for $7 to $9. Including wi-fi. And if you can squeeze necessities into a carry-on, your bike rides free.

Too good to be true? Nope. You can already buy tickets on the BoltBus website. Service starts May 17.

BoltBus, which is actually owned and operated by Greyhound, has been providing ultra-low-cost express bus service around the Northeast U.S. for several years. They’ve chosen the Pacific Northwest as their first corridor outside the East Coast.

BoltBus even randomly picks one of its early ticket-buyers to receive a mind-boggling $1 fare. Full details on our wiki’s new page about BoltBus.

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Creative Commons BoltBus photo by Frank Gruber.

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