Live tonight: Oregon’s "rock ‘n’ roll historians" tell crazy TriMet stories

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Kick Ass Oregon History podcastIf you, too, are a fan of the wonderful transit storytelling website TriMet Diaries, this shouldn’t be news to you.

But TriMet riders really shouldn’t miss tonight’s 7:30 show at the Jack London Bar, 529 SW 4th Ave. near Pioneer Place Mall. TriMet Diaries and the podcast Kick Ass Oregon History are teaming up to host "Humanity on Wheels," a night of public transit storytelling, featuring TMD contributors Dr. Jeff and Bill Reagan and others. Including, um, me.

And maybe you. There’ll be an open mike segment.

Anything could happen.

"The only other open mike session we’ve had was dead whore jokes," said Kick Ass Oregon History creator Doug Kenck-Crispin, who hosts a monthly show at the Jack London. "It turned bad really, really fast."

Kenck-Crispin, who describes himself and collaborator Andy Lindberg as "rock ‘n’ roll historians" on their twice-a-month podcast, will have his own terrifying tales to tell: for Sunday’s episode, the two of them researched Portland’s most horrific transit deaths over the years, including rush-hour on-the-bus shootings from the 90s, a driver who was struck and killed by her own bus and a streetcar tragedy in the early 20th Century.

I love Kenck-Crispin’s tabloid approach to "Oregon’s dark, twisted history."

"I view a historian as a combination journalist-novelist," Kenck-Crispin said. "It’s just that the people that I interview are dead."

Tonight’s show, though, will be very much alive. Come on down.

Image from Kick Ass Oregon History’s latest podcast – check it out.

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