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Dear readers: Please do not take this 4-minute survey about your employer’s great commuting benefits

crowded max train…instead, send this link to the person who manages your benefits.

If you are someone who manages a Portland-area employer’s benefits, that’s great! You should brag about your benefits on this 4-minute survey right now.

Here’s the deal: Portland Afoot is creating the first-ever comprehensive ranking of the best commuting benefits across the metro area. We’re talking free transit passes, swanky bike lockers, generous telecommute options. That sort of thing.

We’ll use the results of our survey to publish a special edition of Portland Afoot that’s going out in April to 6,500 local households that care about low-car life. The rankings will also run on our website, where they’ll probably be our most popular feature of the year.

You don’t have to rank at the very top to get credit, either. We’ll track at least the top 100.

If all this sounds familiar, it should. Last year, with the help of local commuting expert Alexis Grant, we ranked downtown Portland’s best commuting benefits. This was a big success – so this year, we’re kicking it up a notch by ranking the best benefits in the whole city and all the ‘burbs.

But we can’t do this unless we ship this link to a commute-benefits specialist in as many local workplaces as possible. Please, take a moment right now to help us out: Forward the link to the right person in your company, or to someone who’d know who the right person is.

Thanks, PDX – we’re as eager to see the results as you are.

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