A public transit game: Imagine strangers laughing

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subway smile

Here’s a heartwarming little trick for cheap entertainment on public transportation.

It comes from Julia Turner, a daily New York transit commuter, an editor at Slate and one of the hosts of their “Culture Gabfest.” (I haven’t missed an episode for years.)

Here’s Turner:

If you’re in a bad mood on the subway or on any form of public transit … if you imagine everyone on the subway laughing – imagine what they might look like when they’re laughing and what sort of thing might make them laugh – (a) it will entertain you for entire subway rides, and (b) it just makes you instantly empathize with and see the humanity in the teeming masses that surround you. Because you know, faces look different when they’re laughing, you can kind of tell from the crinkles in the laugh lines.

What a great little game. You can listen to Turner’s brief description here and subscribe to their podcast by iTunes or RSS.

(Creative Commons subway smile photo by hiroshiken.)

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