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Our December podcast: The Money Episode

walletThese days we’re all managing decline. That’s mostly bad – but not all bad.

In the new episode of our monthly commuting podcast, Lillian Karabaic and I find some silver lining in this winter’s clouds:

  • The big social implications of TriMet’s brilliant online game that asks you to balance their ugly budget yourself.
  • Our practical take on the Portland launch of Getaround, the clever peer-to-peer carsharing service that makes it easy for low-car friends and neighbors to pool their transportation resources.
  • The City of Portland’s historic decision to face up to its ebbing gas tax revenue.

As always, we’ve also got a commuting tip of the month, our favorite tweets from transit riders and a story that could only happen on the bus. And of course a great piece of low-car music. You can subscribe for free in iTunes here – check it out.

And for the record, I want to say that I could definitely throw a great party for $200.

(Creative Commons empty wallet photo by NoHo Damon.)

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