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Our November commuting podcast: Dr. Jeff edition

drjeffJeff Guardalabene is the kind of guy who makes everyone love Portland.

A (mostly) ex-hippie currently in his third-ish career as a clinical psychologist, he and his fiance are raising five kids and living the good life in their Northeast Portland home. They all share one car, and Jeff rides the Blue Line and 57 to work in Forest Grove every weekday, about two hours each way.

Jeff also, as you may have read in the paper last weekend, has a terrific project this holiday: He’s coordinating donations of TriMet tickets to be given to folks in need. It’s called Holiday Fare and you can support the cause here.

He is, moreover, hilarious.

So Lily and I jumped at the chance to have him as our special guest this month. Jeff joined us to discuss:

  • Claudeen Hendren, the TriMet bus driver known to some riders as "the monster."
  • His project and why it matters.
  • Our own new charity initiative.
  • The best places to sit on the MAX.

We also read some of our favorite one-liners from Jeff’s Twitter feed as well as this month’s "Only on the Bus" from our newsmagazine.

Finally, I continue to live in awe of Lily’s ability to find great bus songs for the show. Get it on iTunes here, or download the file here. Until next month, happy riding.

Photo courtesy Jeff Guardalabene.

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