Introducing our new monthly podcast

final logoPortland Afoot: Now in audio.

This is pretty exciting: Portland-based transportation wonk, audiophile, photographer, small-press publisher/conspirator, pastry distributor and general enthusiast Lillian Karabaic will be joining our little team of contributors to produce a free monthly podcast for Portland Afootstarting right now (iTunes link).

It’ll be sized to fit your morning commute, of course.

Lillian and I will be duking it out once a month over the latest low-car news, tips, and too-true TriMet stories. We’re not sure where this is going, and that’s great! Lillian, who’s worked at the BTA and WPC and is also a non-trad econ student at Reed, will be both classing up and biking up the joint; she’s as committed a bike rider as I am a transit rider.

The pilot episode is in the can. Future episodes might be a bit shorter, Lillian says; anyway, we’d love your feedback and your suggestions for topics. Leave it below or write

Or you can just subscribe here, and enjoy.

Update: Thanks for the requests! If you’re iTunes-free, you can nab the raw RSS feed here for listening with the device or client of your choice. Or you can get an email notification each time we upload a new one.

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