The skinny on Portland’s socialized auto parking

IMG_1132Why does our society still maintain so much valuable urban land as a handout to the owners of bulky private vehicles?

Bit by bit, Portland is getting better for those of us who don’t use much auto parking.

At the Mercury, Sarah Mirk has written up a couple big east-side projects whose developers are saving a bundle by skipping auto parking. This is great news, of course, for people who don’t like paying extra rent for parking lots that will be used by other people’s vehicles.

New on the wiki: a breakdown of the Portland zones with minimum parking requirements … and the ones without. And below the jump, in case you haven’t seen them, two short Streetfilms videos about the sensible, market-based auto parking reform every U.S. city – ours included – needs.

On pricing parking correctly:


On the problems of free auto parking:

Great stuff.

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