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TriMet, always looking out for you

IMG_0417Great little story in the inbox. A sharp-eyed TriMet bus operator apparently prevented a woman from jumping off the Steel Bridge this morning. From TriMet’s Bekki Witt:

This morning shortly after 9 a.m., an operator of a Line 77-Broadway/Halsey bus was crossing the Steel Bridge when he noticed a person with one leg over the guardrail, apparently intending to jump off the bridge. The operator stopped the bus, and he and a passenger exited the bus to talk to the person.  The two managed to get the person away from the guardrail and held the person until police arrived and took the person away.

The bus was headed westbound across the Steel Bridge toward Montgomery Park.

The operator has worked for TriMet for 24 years, celebrating that anniversary this coming weekend. He is a 53-year-old resident of St. Helens and a regular operator of Line 77.

The operator is unavailable at this time as he’s attending to a family matter.

It’s significant to me that any auto driver crossing the bridge could have done the same as this watchful bus operator and passenger. But they didn’t.

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