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Why didn’t TriMet’s safety task force recommend filming TriMet operators?

100916_TriMet_Driver_reading Because over the course of nine meetings, task force member Robert Burchfield told me, the group only discussed the issue for a total of 15 minutes.

In the safety task force’s recommendations last night, they only recommended that "the role of CCTV be further evaluated."

I’m no expert on CCTV in buses, and it might be a dumb idea. But David Sale, the father of a bus collision victim, has repeatedly hammered at these meetings that TriMet should train cameras on its operators, for use in cases like his daughter‘s or the Lahcen Quochbane incident this summer, in which a bus driver was apparently reading a Kindle while driving on the highway during rush hour.

So the lack of a solid judgment on the camera question seemed strange.

Among the task force’s firm recommendations: An all-purpose citizen’s advisory committee for TriMet, a ban on the word "accident" from internal discourse and identification of safety "hot spots" around town, including the Portland Transit Mall.

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