And we’re off!

Well, that was a busy couple of months.

Since April, we’ve sold more subscriptions, sold our first ads (to car-free Portland author Tammy Strobel and Portland Realtor Kirsten Kaufman, who specializes in homes for alt commuters) and landed some terrific advance coverage from and’s Betsy Richter (it’s a half-hour interview; here’s my favorite bit, a 57-second manifesto for Portland Afoot).

We’ve also started recruiting our editorial advisory council, partnered with local car-free developer Dan Lipert on a possible iPad app and created wiki pages for every bus route in TriMet’s service area.

Have you noticed? We uncloaked the website, too.

And oh yes, we’ve produced a print prototype and launch issue, now being distributed around Portland. A limited number of back issues will be available for order as soon as your correspondent catches his breath.

Until then: See you on the streets.

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